Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We geared up bright and early Thursday morning for our normal Thanksgiving craziness!  I was in the kitchen at 7:00 pealing & slicing potatoes for garlic mashed potatoes and prepping the stuffing for my stuffed mushrooms, yum!  My only plan for that morning was to take some time to relax with my little family and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I thought Kinley would LOVE it!
Turns out that I was in the kitchen all morning and barely had enough time to jump in the shower and head out the door.  Kinley decided to nap through most of the parade so better luck next year? (I do still have the parade on our dvr and I'm debating if we should recreate the moment, haha!)
Our 1st stop was my families' Thanksgiving at the KC Club on the lake.  My grandma and her brothers and sisters have been going there for 46 years - what a tradition!  That makes for quite a large family gathering every year but it's fun!
We decided to pose for some quick family photos before lunch.  As usual, someone didn't want to smile but we did get a little smirk!
Beth & Michael
My brother took this of my cousin Laura and I think she's modeling so I had to post it! :)  I promise her b/f Craig was there, too!
Another family pic with our little sassafras!
We also had to get a new pic with cousin Ava!  These sweet baby dolls are only a few weeks apart.
(Kinley's turkey shirt is from Initial Here Gifts on Etsy).
After stuffing our faces and catching up with family, we loaded up the truck and drove out to Clayville for Scott's Thanksgiving.  We had to sneak in family pictures before it got dark and I still need to get my hands on a picture of everyone.
Here are the girl cousins (or 2nd cousins I think?)
And the boys.
Little miss wanted to show off her new walking skills.
Does this lady ever put her camera away??

 After round 2 of Thanksgiving dinner, we were spent and someone was getting a little crabby so we headed home.  Maybe next year I can focus on getting pictures of other people and other things besides the kids.  Oh well, it's always so nice to get to spend quality time with family that we don't see often enough all while eating huge amounts of food.  Bring on Christmas!

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