Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Baby #2 is a...

We couldn't be more excited!  Two little girls make everything sweeter, right?  And sassier, too, I'm afraid. :)
With this baby we decided not to find out at our doctor appointment and wait to find out with our families.  In case you missed it, here's our gender reveal party with Kinley.  I had a plan in my head and it ended up working perfectly!  The sonographer told us to turn our heads when she was looking for the gender and then she printed out a picture and sealed it in an envelope.
I took the surprise back to work and 2 ladies that I work with wrapped a pink or blue outfit depending on the sonogram.  Then we had to wait 24 whole hours to open the "early Christmas gift."
The men of the family had already planned to go to a stag at IBYC on Wednesday night so we gathered our brothers, sisters, and parents for a quick reveal before they left.  (Once I figure out how to load the video from our video camera to YouTube, I'll post that, too).
Basically, there was a present inside of a present inside of a present.  What tricksters!!  But it made it fun!
I think this picture is pretty fitting for a first child's reaction:
I thought her little outfit was blog worthy so here's a picture of her playing before the big reveal.
She just wasn't into the excitement that evening...
Soon to be family of four!  I still can't believe I'm saying that!
After the guys left, all the girls (and Brayden) came to my house for pizza and relaxation time to prep for Thanksgiving the next day.  What a fun little celebration!  Now we're getting pestered non-stop about a name but that's something we will NOT budge on. :)


  1. Congratulations on another sweet little girl! That will just be so much fun. :)

    We were in Springfield staying at Megan's this entire last weekend and I wish we could have gotten Jack and Kinley together while we were visiting! I didn't think about it until the last day...shoot!

    1. Thanks, I'm a little nervous for the teen years but that's a long way away! Darn it, that would have been fun! Chad & Megan actually live right down the road from my sis-in-law who babysits Kinley so we totally need to get together for a quick visit next time!

  2. aww, so cute! and exciting!!! are you getting the least bit nervous?? B/c I totally am...and am not even as close as you are ;)

    1. Congrats to you, too!! I feel like I've been too busy to even think about anything! But yes, the nerves are setting in so I keep reminding myself that everyone else has done it so I(we) can, too! :)