Thursday, April 5, 2012

6 month check up

We had Kinley's 6 month check-up yesterday (only 2+ weeks late since we had more important things to go to Sanibel!)  We had a 3:30 appointment so it was pretty inevitable that the doctor was going to run late.  I was actually ok with it since that meant I got more time to play with my peanut before the dreaded shots!
She was in a happy mood while we waited and absolutely loved playing with the paper on the exam table!  While we waited we played peekaboo, sang songs, talked, and ripped paper. ha!

We finally met with Dr. Dolan and she eased a few of my silly worries - No I shouldn't worry that Kinley doesn't have teeth yet and yes it's fine that she doesn't roll over very much.  She actually said that she's seen babies that don't get teeth until they're 2 (creepy!) so we have lots of time.  Kinley is also sitting up better than most 6 month olds and has great neck control so there's no reason to worry about rolling - she might just be a lazy baby.  haha!
She weighed in at 17 lbs 2 ounces and was 25 inches long.  The doctor had to remeasure her like last time just to make sure that she was indeed that short.  The nurse said we may just have a little round baby...and roly poly she is!

We talked about the sleep problems again in which she instructed us to let her cry and she would be good in 3-4 days.  I left the office with great intentions and then let her cry for 5 minutes last night...ooops...  We'll get it figured out eventually.  ; )

We also got the green light for K to start eating everything that we eat, within reason.  So far we've had baby food and real bananas but no other real food so this should be fun!  I'm sure these videos will be very entertaining.

That was the extent of our exciting appointment so I'll leave you with a video of her playing with paper...riveting stuff, I tell ya!

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