Sunday, April 29, 2012

7 Months Old!

Kinley -

I think it's safe to say that your 7th month has gone by the fastest so far!  You turned 6 months old in Florida and we've been on the go since we returned home and I can't believe another month has already flown by!
You've tried lots of new foods this month including:  green beans, sweet peas, puffs, yogurt melts, avocado, pears, mac n cheese, and you've even sucked on pizza crust and donuts!  We can always tell when you like something because you open your mouth like a little birdy when you want more.  Green beans are the only thing that you haven't cared for.

We're also finding it a little harder to get you to eat baby food.  You would much rather play with the food on your tray than have us shove a spoon full of puree in your mouth.  You're also working on your pincher grip so you're getting better at feeding yourself finger foods.
I gave you a sippy cup to play with this month & you loved it! I took it out of the package just to see what you would do with it and it went straight to your mouth. I figured that I should wash it & put some water in it since you seemed to like it & the second I took it away you cried, like sobbing, you were so mad at me! Needless to say, you like the sippy cup. Haha.

We weened off of nursing 2 weeks ago so you're getting 5 (6 oz) bottles of formula a day.  I wasn't really ready but the time just seemed right, especially given all of the issues that I had early on.
You still love your jumperoo and jump like crazy when you're in it!  You're getting close to outgrowing your swing and the only time you seem to like it is in the morning if you're still tired from waking up too early.

Speaking of sleep - you're definitely an early bird!  You are usually up between 4:30 & 5:30 for your early morning bottle and then you will usually go back to sleep until 6:15 or 7:00 if we're lucky.  You used to be ready for bed at 8pm sharp, but now we've pushed back your bedtime closer to 8:30 in hopes that you will sleep later.  (For the record, it hasn't helped much).
You're also napping better during the day for Aunt Sue & you seem to prefer one long (2-3 hour) nap in the middle of the day and then a cat nap around 5:00pm to make it through the evening.

You're rolling over a lot better these days and your legs are getting so strong!  You love standing up and holding our hands or the table.  You also prefer to sit up and play with your toys but we still try to get tummy time in when we can.
Your favorite games to play are peekaboo and pattycake and you love when we "get you" and tickle you!  You still love when I sing Twinkle, Twinkle and enjoy lots of books before bedtime. 

You laugh so easily now and are becoming more tolerant of people besides mommy, daddy, Grandma, & Aunt Sue.  You still have a soft spot for mama but you'll let other people hold you as long as one of your "regulars" is around.
There are still no signs of any teeth but we're watching for them!  We're also working on making new sounds like ga, ma, ba, da, etc but you aren't seeming too interested yet.  You like to say what you want, not what we want! :)

You LOVE watching your puppies so I'm pretty convinced that "T" or "Bubba" are going to be your first words because you always want to know where they are.  They're pretty good about letting you "pet" them, too.
As for your stats - you're in 6-9 & 9 month clothes with quite a bit of room and 3-6 month shoes (if you let me put them on you).  You weigh about 18 pounds and we won't get a height check until your 9 month appointment.

I'm sure I'll continue to say this but I think this was harder (on me) than any of your other birthdays because now you're on the upswing to being 1 year old!  Time is sure flying but it gets more fun everyday so bring it on!

We love you, Kinley, peanut, monkey, sissy, KK!
I think you get new nicknames every week :)

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