Monday, April 16, 2012

Sanibel 2012 (Day 9)

Like always, Saturday came way too quickly and it was time to leave our little piece of paradise.  I was up early to get Cora & Beth to the airport by 5:30am and then finished packing up the condo.

This is definitely the most depressing part of vacation.

We continued our tradition of taking pictures on the beach before we leave.
I'm planning to take this picture every year to see how our family changes and grows!  (Growing as in the future, not now, haha!)
I know, I know, killer outfit choices.  I asked Scott if we could wear an outfit for pictures and then go change into our driving clothes and he shot me a look that answered my question...driving clothes it was!
My lovies
Sweet little smiles

Boardwalk leaving the beach...
Sign posted on the side of the boardwalk - we never saw any!

Shell washing station by the pool

After we said goodbye to the beach we loaded up the car, hit the Sanibel Bean for our last coffee run, and headed home.
View of the lighthouse from the Causeway
In the "sad lane" heading to Fort Myers.  I read somewhere that people call the other lane the "happy lane," obviously because it leads to Sanibel.

There was an air show in Punta Gorda so we enjoyed that as we headed North.
It's hard to see but I promise there are planes in these pictures...
I've heard people say they were ready to go home after vacations (and I'm sure I've even said it before) but I can truly say that I'm never ready to go home after Sanibel.  I know our families would agree that it really is our home away from home.  Can't wait for next year!

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