Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

Kinley got a little spoiled by the Easter bunny this year but I guess that's ok since it was her first Easter!

Her basket had some snacks, books, an iPhone toy, and paci's.  She also got a new outfit, PJ's, and a new lifejacket to use on the boat this summer!

Kinley absolutely loves this book because you can feel the soft tails and ears on the pages.  She flaps her arms and kicks her legs everytime I get it out to read.

Ready for summer!
We started our Easter festivities at Grandma Weezie and Papa Ron's house and in the rush to get over there we didn't get any pictures of Kinley with her Easter basket, oops!

Here are the pre egg hunt family pictures:

The cousins - Kinley, Kylie, Rian, Brayden, Maille, Aidan, & Delaney

Chris, Christie, & Maddie

 The O'Connors
 The Tucker Family

 Tucker Family II

Then we prepped for the Easter egg hunt!
And they're off!

Kinley wanted to play with her bag so daddy found eggs.
Like I've said, everything goes to the mouth!
Hi blue eyes!
Aunt Kimmy was excited!

Kinley & Tiki's eggs
Kinley & Buffett's eggs

Always playing with my jewelry.

After we found all of our eggs it was time for the scavenger hunt to find baskets!  All of the kids read clues starting with the youngest.
Kinley went first...
and led us to the shed.  Next Brayden told us to go
to the stop sign.  Aidan sent us...
to the tree and Delaney told us to meet...
at the mailbox.  Rian sent us all the way...
down to the frog by the pond.  Kylie told us to go...
to the pink flowering tree.  And finally Maille sent us in inside...
to the sunroom to find our baskets!
Checking out all the goodies.
More toys and snacks for K!

We worked up quite an appetite from running all over the yard so we induldged in lots of good food.

Like every other holiday we had to dine and dash to get my parents house for Easter round 2!
Our 3 easter baskets and Kinley's new super cute outfits.

I was exhausted by that afternoon so my picture taking abilities really suffered but I did get a few cute ones of Ava & Kinley!
If you look closely you'll see Scotts butt glued to the couch in the background.  He didn't move from 1-6pm due to celebrating Sheltons bachelor party the night before.  ; )
Ava was ready to play but Kinley, not so much.  haha
Kinley finally decided that Ava was nice and that she looked yummy to eat!
Ok now we like each other!  Don't you love how their outfits were coordinated?!  Totally didn't plan that but I wouldn't put it past me!
They were both over it by the end but it was fun while it lasted!

Um, nap time for Kinley?!

We had a long but very fun Easter weekend with our families and hope you did, too!

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