Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sanibel 2012 (Day 5)

On Tuesday we...
woke up with the sun,
went shelling at low tide,
enjoyed gentle breezes...perfection.

We also played with lots of toys by the pool,
 watched the big kids play...
 loved Florida thiiiiiis much,
 played silly games with Delaney,
showed off our belly button,
 took snack breaks,
 stared at Kinley some more,
 had noodle wars,
 acted like crazy boys,
and made elephant trunks with noodles.

After a long day, we cooked out again and relaxed while Kinley provided us with some hilarious entertainment.
I was going to cut this down more but I couldn't decide which cuteness to cut so I apologize that it's long!  :)
(Click on the youtube button to watch it bigger)

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