Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ashleigh's Baby Shower

The Sunday that we got home from Florida Beth, Kinley, & I went to Ashleigh's baby shower at Erin's Pavilion.
Aunt Beth & Kinley

Mommy to be, Ashleigh, and Kinley doing her "I'm over this" face.
Me & K - at least she's looking at the camera! 
I count that as a win these days. :)
Beautiful mama.  Almost makes me miss being pregnant...almost.

We decorated onesies for baby Floriana and even Kinley got to participate!

Ashleigh's husband Cosimo grew up in Italy and lived there all his life & Ashleigh is Italian so this one was very fitting and hilarious.  I promise they aren't Jersey Shore-ish though!

Aunt Beth trying to play baby bingo and entertain Kinley who is grabbing for her phone or cake plate or table cloth, who knows. 
This makes me laugh.

Cosimo arrived and everyone told him to go sit by Ashleigh and he dove right in opening gifts even though I'm pretty sure Ashleigh wanted to do it herself! haha
It was sweet. :)

One of the outfits Beth & I bought for Floriana.

Cori wanted to hold Kinley the whole day but someone was cranky.  She finally settled down enough to let go of mommy for a few minutes!

They got lots of great gifts to prepare them for Floriana's arrival.  By the way, how awesome is her name?!

And since I'm behind on blogging I also get to annouce that Floriana Patrizia Picci arrived on April 13!  I "borrowed" a picture from facebook:
Congrats Ashleigh & Cosimo!

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