Thursday, April 19, 2012

Coloring Easter Eggs

One of my favorite holiday traditions is coloring eggs!  I have always been a little artsy and love doing crafts when I have time so if coloring easter eggs is the only creative outlet I get, I'm going to take it!
We went to Rob & Sue's house Saturday morning and I decided to change it up a bit.  Instead of the usual rubber bands and wax crayon tricks, I thought it would be fun to stick letters on the eggs before we dipped them.
I always get annoyed when I try to write something with a crayon and it turns out sloppy so you can hardly read it.  That might be my perfectionism coming out but whatev!
The kiddos in deep concentration.
Ri-guy and B dipping their eggs.
Kinley hung out in her bumbo and was entertained by her cousins & aunts.
Kylie showing off her egg.
The stickers looked kind of cool if you left them on, too!

 Delaney's egg
Yuummm, eggs taste good!
We came back to our house around lunch time to meet my family to dye some more eggs.
Don't mind Beth's camouflage hat.  They were fishing earlier and decided it would be hilarious to dress like rednecks so I came home to a backyard full of camo...only my family.  :)

Alicia with her & Andy's new puppy Lily!  Our dogs loved playing with her!
Chrum in deep concentration.

Making Kinley's egg
We made some polka dot eggs, too!
After a fun filled day of coloring eggs (seriously how old am I?) the sibs and I hit the town for a much needed night out!   

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