Monday, December 10, 2012

Home for the Holidays

I can't believe I'm saying this but I think I'm actually caught up on blogging and don't have a lot to blog about!  It's probably due to the fact that our lives have slowed down a lot in the past few weeks which is crazy considering the time of year.
We have one possible Christmas party this year.  My work doesn't have one anymore and Scott's work just does a lunch.  I've heard that a lot of companies are choosing not to have parties for financial reasons which is kind of a bummer.  Oh well, that means we'll be having a lot more nights at home to share with our family and I'm so thankful for that.
I have to share one of my "Pinspiration" projects that I did for my sis-in-law (auntie-sitter) because I thought it turned out pretty cute!
And here's a funny video of Kinley doing her booty shake dance.

Last Wednesday we went to watch Scott skate in the "Hockey with Paprocki" game.  It's a fundraiser for Catholic Charities and the Bishop is one of the goalies!  Here's a picture from last year:
Kinley was a lot more into the game this year!
I'll have to get a picture from my MIL of all 3 (4) of us after the game.
Since Kinley has been sick this week she has developed a new love of medicine (amoxicillin) and the little syringes.  She would walk around with one in her mouth all day if we let her but that's obviously not safe.  Here's our little nurse in training playing with her "toys."
And our little sick baby was having major sleep issues last week so she finally gave in & fell asleep on daddy at 10pm one night.  That's one major snuggle fest!
Friday night we went to Lake Pointe for dinner and Kinley was really interested in watching the other kids, not posing for pictures.
We had a super lazy day on Saturday and one of us didn't get out of our comfy clothes all day...  She took an awesome 2 hour nap that morning & woke up happy!  She even "cheesed" for the camera for me!
Mckenzie and Mia came over for a play date on Sunday and Reg brought Mackenzie over so he could help Scott split wood.  We had a fun afternoon coloring pictures, decorating the windows, and watching the little girls play.
I almost forgot to get a picture of Mia & Kinley but remembered right before they left!  Kinley was ready for a nap by then and did NOT want to stand for a picture.  The girls are at the age where they could care less about playing with each other so it will be fun to get them together more and see how their interactions change - (they're only a few weeks apart!)  Thanks for coming girls!
Kenz hung out for a while after they left so we played teacher, ate snacks, and colored.  I feel like Kenz was just Kinley's age...time flies!
And last night Kinley decided to show off her gymnastics skills.  Cousin Delaney taught her how to do a forward bridge and then I rolled her over.  Future olympian!?
I love relaxing but fun weekends at home with friends!

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