Monday, December 17, 2012

Last week we...

...had our first run in with the brick wall.  (Buffett accidentally tripped Kinley & she scuffed up her cheek & knuckles, poor sweetie).
...met our Auntie's (Sue, Beth, & Cora) at Cafe Moxo for lunch.  Kinley had to show off her new walking skills!
...figured out that pushing the doll stroller in the kitchen is lots of fun!
...went to the Doctor AGAIN but just to get her ears re-checked from her ear infection.  She was feeling great and we got out of the office without a tear!  (That's a first in my book).
...loved rocking our Santa outfit!
...finally developed a love for my old rocking horse!! books by the Christmas tree - our Friday nights get crazier and crazier!

...decided to explore the kitchen counter in our Christmas PJ's.

...shopped at the mall on Sunday morning.
...and played peekaboo
while daddy tried on jeans.  What a GOOD helper!!
I LIVE for these little everyday moments with my family!
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