Friday, December 21, 2012


Our family has been sick on and off since Thanksgiving and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.  Kinley had a virus the weekend after Thanksgiving for 2 days and once her fever went away she got fussy again.  I took her to the doctor at the end of November and both ears were infected.  Around that time I got a head cold that lingered for a few days. 
Kinley fought the ear infection for the first week of December but finally felt better.  Then last weekend Scott & I woke up Saturday morning with sore throats.  I was sneezing and coughing and just felt off but neither of us had a temp.  Then Kinley woke up with a temp on Tuesday morning and her nose started running, too.

Scott felt better but Kinley and I have been a mess for the past few days.  I finally took her to see Dr. Dolan this morning and her poor ears were infected again!
Miserable cuddly baby yesterday
This has led to many sleepless nights and made me wonder if we would ever catch a break!  We had made it through Kinley's 1st year with only one virus so I guess I was pretty spoiled.  Now that I'm done documenting our crappy past few weeks, I almost can't click publish.

My "problems" seem so ridiculous compared to what is going on everywhere else.  Families in Connecticut won't ever get to celebrate another Christmas with their babies/loved ones.  Some families have been struggling to keep their sick babies alive since birth.  It just hurts me to the core to even try to imagine what those parents and families are going through. 

I guess it all puts it in perspective for me.  Even though we've had a few rough weeks, I still feel so blessed to be able to cuddle my sick baby girl through a minor illness.

I have been saying lots of extra prayers lately and counting all my blessings.

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